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The Breyer Variation was recommended by Gyula Breyer as early as 1911,[42] but there are no known game records in which Breyer employed this line. The more common continuation, 10.d4, is ECO C95. Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Variation In this chess lesson we analyze the Ukrainian Immortal Game featuring the Steinitz variation of the Ruy Lopez. [37], Improvements to Black's play were found (Marshall played 11...Nf6!? ?, is a sharp line in which Black plays for a kingside attack, frequently sacrificing one or two pawns. By playing 6.d3[30] White steers clear of the Marshall Attack and any of the Anti-Marshall lines. It is convenient to divide the possibilities into two groups based on whether or not Black responds with (3...a6), which is named the Morphy Defence after Paul Morphy, although he was not the originator of the line. people phone reverse address business Log In Sign Up. (Rotary Defence or Albany Defence), 3...d5? The game usually continues 9...Be7 10.Rd1 followed by 10...Nc5 or 10...0-0. Bb5 a6 4. With 9...Na5 Black chases the white bishop from the a2–g8 diagonal and frees the c-pawn for queenside expansion. There are six ECO classifications for the Modern Steinitz. Re1 Ng4 14. h3 Qh4 15. Qf3 Nxf2 16. Latvian Gambit. If you play d3 instead then you lose a tempo if you still want to go for that plan. The opening remains the most commonly used amongst the open games in master play; it has been adopted by almost all players during their careers, many of whom have played it with both colours. He bought a book called Questo libro e da imparare giocare a scachi et de li partiti which was published in 1512, but he didn't think it was any good, so on his way home to Spain he wrote his own book. Black can exploit the weak squares on the queenside via 16...c4. Re1b5 7. @anyataylorjoy is the Chess Club Live Person of the Year. H.J.R Murray argues, however, that the Masters' criticism of López is unfair and likely stems from his play's resemblance to Philidor's, who was their school's great rival.[2]. The Berlin is assigned ECO codes C65–C67. Kxf7 7.Nxe5+, which drives the black king out, has been played. Tenant Screening. Their meetings – which also included Ceron – are sometimes considered the first international chess tournament. The main line begins with 9.exd5 Nxd5 (9...e4? Reshevsky had not seen the analysis and he struggled in vain to solve the position over the board with his chess clock running. [44], Of the variations in this section, the Berlin and Schliemann Defences are the most popular today, followed by the Classical Defence.[45]. This short article about a person or group of people can be made longer. Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod pose for a selfie with his nephew Nick Silva as they enjoy family time in Turks and Caicos The songstress could be seen in a fun snap Advertisement Ruy Lopez, who was his favourite priest, went to Italy, the chess-playing capital of the modern world, to look for such a book, and while he was there defeated the two leading players of the time. Re: Opening Repertoire: The Ruy Lopez . [11] Other authors have given varying opinions about the quality of López' analysis. Each room at Casa Ruy Lopez has attractive traditional décor. The Ruy López is known as one of the most common chess game openings, so naturally Beth and Townes would have both been familiar with it. White's most direct approach is 4.d4 immediately challenging Black's pawn on e5, while 4.c3 and 4.0-0 remain viable alternatives. Their Zodiac sign is ♑Capricorn.They are considered the most important person in history born with the first name of Ruy. Easy Guide to Ruy Lopez.pdf Identifier easyguidetoruylopez Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t3fz55h8v Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR) Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Series Cadogan/Everyman Chess "Easy Guide" Year 1999 Nbd2Nd7 11. c3Nc5 12. axb5axb5 13. After 9.c3 Bc5 10.Nbd2 0-0 11.Bc2, Black must meet the attack on e4, with the following possibilities from which to choose: 11...f5, 11...Bf5, both of which aim to maintain the strongpoint on e4, or the forcing line 11...Nxf2, introduced by the English amateur Vernon Dilworth. [Result "0-1"] [ECO "C89"] 1. e4 e5 2. White must take some care not to fall into the Noah's Ark Trap, in which Black traps White's king bishop on the b3-square with a ...a6, ...b5, and ...c4 pawn advance on the queenside. There is air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. Chess videos, chess articles and chess analysis by grandmasters designed to learn chess and understand important chess lessons and topics. Other Black moves in this position are 11...Bb7 and 11...Nd7; the latter was adopted by Keres a few times in the 1960s. Post by iliachess20 » Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:14 pm. Black, by way of compensation, possesses the bishop pair and has no positional weaknesses, so it is difficult for White to exploit the structural superiority without opening the game for Black's bishops; all four of the games in the Kasparov–Kramnik match in which this line was employed ended in draws. After 3...a6, the most commonly played line is the Closed Defence, which goes 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 Be7, discussed in the two following sections. In Italy López encountered Pedro Damiano's treatise on chess, Questo libro e da imparare giocare a scachi et de li partiti, and did not find much value in it. Bb3 O-O 8. c3 d5 9. exd5 Nxd5 10. Black will kick the bishop with 17...h6. White usually plays 9.h3 instead of 9.d4 (the Yates Variation) because after 9.d4 Bg4 (the Bogoljubow Variation), the pin of the white king knight is troublesome. The main line runs 10.d4 Bxb3 11.axb3 (11.Qxb3 is another option) exd4 12.cxd4 d5 13.e5 Ne4 14.Nc3 f5 15.exf6 Bxf6 16.Nxe4 dxe4 17.Rxe4 Qd5 18.Rg4, when it has been shown that White's extra pawn is more valuable than Black's more active and harmonised pieces. C76 is characterised by the Black kingside fianchetto 5...Bd7 6.d4 g6. White's responses 5.d4, 5.Nc3, and 5.c4 are included in C71, while 5.0-0 is C72. C74 covers 5...Nf6, but primarily focuses on 5...f5 6.exf5 Bxf5 with 7.d4 or 7.0-0. The variation begins 3...a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 b5 6.Bb3 Bb7. More recently, Sergei Tiviakov has played it, as has Nigel Short, who essayed it twice in his 1992 match against Anatoly Karpov and won both games.[28][29]. A rare but playable move is 5...Be6 (or 5...Be7), the idea being that if White plays 6.Nxe5, Black plays 6... Qd4, forking the knight and the e4-pawn. 15.Bg5#!) After 4...dxc6, the obvious 5.Nxe5? Artur Yusupov is one of the few grandmasters who has adopted the Dilworth repeatedly.[21][22][23]. López was also esteemed for his ability at blindfold chess. An alternative for White is the fork trick 4.Nxe5. The loss of a tempo with 9...h6 gives White enough time to complete the Nbd2–f1–g3 manoeuver, and the pawn move can also weaken Black's kingside. Unlike 5.d4, it forces Black to defend the e-pawn, usually with 5...f6, 5...Bg4, 5...Qd6 (the sharpest line, preparing queenside castling), 5...Qe7, 5...Qf6 or 5...Bd6. This forces resolution of the centre via 16.d5. She was ph... enomenal as Beth Harmon in the @netflix series The Queen’s Gambit. He was considered the strongest player in the world in the 1560’s, achieving this status with stunning victories in Rome over Italy's finest players; Giovanni Leonardo Di Bona da Cutri, a Calabrian lawyer, and Paolo Boi. Today at 2:42 AM. Game Type: Ruy Lopez, Closed Variation. Not many games can be confidently attributed to López, and those that can are incomplete. White's most important continuations after 4...Bc5 are 5.0-0, 5.Bxc6, and 5.c3. These nuances seem to have little importance today, as neither the Steinitz Defence Deferred nor the Russian Defence have been popular for many years. [4][5], Around the year 1574,[6] López was still at the royal court in Spain when di Bona, then Paolo Boi, arrived on their tours of Europe. The address on file for this person is 7670 Hooper Road Unit 12, Wpb, FL 33411 in Palm Beach County. The Norwegian Variation" in New in Chess Yearbook 37. It is one of the most popular openings, with such a vast number of variations that all codes from C60 to C99 in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) are assigned to them. The main point of 3...a6 is that after the common retreat 4.Ba4, Black will have the possibility of breaking a future pin on the queen knight by playing ...b5. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it . Please flip the board to black side for better view. The Ruy Lopez is named after 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy López de Segura. One such game was recorded by Polerio, and was played during the contests between Italians and Spaniards before King Phillip II: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Qe7 5.b4 Bb6 6.a4 a6 7.Ba3 d6 8.Qe2 Bg4 9.d3 Nf6 10.Nbd2[14]. With accurate play, however, Black can avoid any disadvantage while holding onto the extra piece. [55] The main replies for Black are 4...d6 and 4...Bc5, the latter being more popular. Peter Svidler has dedicated an entire video series to the fashionable 6.d3 line.[32]. originally, but later discovered 11...c6!) 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Bc5 4.c3 d6 5.d4 exd4 6.cxd4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3 Bd7 8.Bf4 Nf6 9.Qd3 Bxc3+ 10.bxc3[15]. and other less-common third moves for Black. The opening is named after the 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy López de Segura, who made a systematic study of this and other openings in the 150-page book on chess Libro del Ajedrez, written in 1561. The Ruy Lopez Main Lines, arise (with a few exceptions for move order and such) after 1 e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 a6 4 Ba4 Nf6 5 0-0. Some of the lines are incredibly theoretical, but rather than burden you with a ton of theory in lines you will have limited chance of using in your own games, the emphasis in this book is on the lines that are more likely to occur in your games. [26] If Black takes the knight with 11...Qxg5 White regains the material with 12.Qf3. Perhaps the most famous game in this variation is Smyslov–Reshevsky, 1945 USSR–USA Radio Match. Qxd8 13.Nxd8+ Kxd8 14.Kxh2 Be6 (14...f5?? Bb3O-O 8. a4Bb7 9. d3d6 10. Ponziani described López as unfruitful, unmethodical, and having made little advance on Damiano. 9.Nxc6 Bxh2+! YOU BAD PERSON. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Lasker had great success with 5.d4 exd4 6.Qxd4 Qxd4 7.Nxd4, most notable his famous win against Jose Raul Capablanca in the St. Petersburg 1914 chess tournament. . White has several options, including attempting to build an ideal pawn centre with c3 and d4, defending the e-pawn with Re1 or simply developing. The Graz Defence, Classical Defence Deferred, and Møller Defence combine 3...a6 with the active move ...Bc5. Black can also play 6...b5 and after 7.Bb3 d6 (7...0-0 is a viable alternative) White has to deal with the threat of 8...Na5 by playing 8.a3 (8.c3 or 8 a4 are perfectly playable as well) and after 8...0-0 (the immediate 8...Na5 is also feasible) 9.Nc3 we have reached a modern tabiya of the Ruy Lopez. During his stay in Rome, López played chess with the locals. Bb5a6 4. In the main line, White normally retreats the bishop with 4.Ba4, when the usual continuation is 4...Nf6 5.0-0 Be7. Fabiano Caruana: Navigating the Ruy Lopez - A World-Class Player Explains The Ruy Lopez is one of the oldest openings which continues to enjoy high popularity from club level to the absolute world top. The Zaitsev Variation (also called the Flohr–Zaitsev Variation) was advocated by Igor Zaitsev, who was one of Karpov's trainers for many years. Rxe5 Nf6 12. d4 Bd6 13. Next White plays 5.Nc3 protecting e4 and renewing the threat of winning a pawn to which Black responds with 5...Nf6. White has a variety of options at move nine, including 9.c3, 9.Be3, 9.Qe2 and 9.Nbd2. Few games have been played with this line, but there is no clear refutation for Black. The Chigorin is divided into four ECO classifications. He made great contributions to chess opening theory, including in the King's Gambit and the Ruy López (or Spanish) opening that bears his name. This position was first reached in a high-level encounter between Viswanathan Anand and Michael Adams, Grenke Chess Classic 2013. Following 4.d4, Black proceeds with 4...Bd7 which breaks the pin but also defends against White's threat of winning a pawn with 5.Bxc6 and 6.dxe5. The last significant use of the Russian Defence was in the 1950s when it was played by some Russian masters. Andrew Soltis, This page was last edited on 7 January 2021, at 18:51. This defence shares some similarities with the Modern Steinitz and Russian Defences as Black avoids the ...b5 advance that weakens the queenside. Nf3 Nc6 3. White may also delay the exchange for a move or two: 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.Bxc6 or 5.0-0 Be7 6.Bxc6 (the Delayed Exchange Deferred), for example; at first glance this seems a waste of time, but Black having played ...Nf6 rules out defending the pawn with ...f6, and the bishop already being on e7 means that ...Bd6 would be a loss of tempo. Black normally does not fianchetto the Queen's bishop, which would transpose to regular Arkhangelsk setups, but plays ...Bg4 to increase the pressure against White's pawn centre. White can gain time after playing d4 as the black bishop will have to move, but this does not always seem to be as important as was once thought.[12]. rip. One drawback of this line if Black is playing for a win is that White can force Black to choose a different defence or allow a draw by repetition of position with 11.Ng5 Rf8 12.Nf3. A famous example of this line is the game José Raúl Capablanca–Edward Lasker, New York 1915. Black now threatens to win a pawn with 6...b5 followed by 7...Nxe4, so White must respond. The Ruy Lopez , also called the Spanish Opening or Spanish Game, is a chess opening characterised by the moves: [38], Currently, Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian is one of the main advocates for the Marshall Attack.[39]. Due to the difficulty for Black in achieving equality,[2] a common nickname for the opening is "The Spanish Torture". With the move order 3...a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 d6, Black waits until White castles before playing ...d6. Nf3Nc6 3. The Ruy Lopez (/rɔɪ, ˈruːi/; Spanish: [ˈruj ˈlopeθ]),[1] also called the Spanish Opening or Spanish Game, is a chess opening characterised by the moves: The Ruy Lopez is named after 16th-century Spanish priest Ruy López de Segura. [ 5 ] the most common counterclaim is that Marshall had used a similar approach in against. Plan similar to that of the Ruy Lopez White usually wants to play c3... Often plays 7... d5 for the better view so White plays 9.d3 intending to later advance to d4 favourable... Bxc6 is rarely played today, 50 years old ) Spain [ what is this? time bringing his knight. D5 after Rd1 Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian is one of the Ruy Lopez is after!, Bobby Fischer–Petar Trifunovic, Bled 1961 [ 18 ] ) 8.dxe5.... ( `` books '' ) vast number of variations Black seeks counterplay in the surrounding.... [ 55 ] the Second part focuses on openings and is sometimes called the Barendregt,. Except kings removed ) as a whole and thousands of top-level games been... Find a refutation a choice of either 6... d6 and 4... bxc6 rarely. Which dates from c. 1490 is based on positional rather than tactical considerations, it one! Møller Defence combine 3... a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 b5 6.Bb3 Bb7 4.Ba4 d6 ) Black... Born in Zafra near Badajoz, probably of Converso Jewish descent, and later it played... Both sides and offers answers to the four Knights game, Spanish Variation 303 Lake! Because Black must spend some time bringing his offside knight on f6 prevents Black from supporting the e-pawn with f7–f6. Its vast theory, the Ruy Lopez de Segura, born circa 1530, was popular in the Immortal. In Damiano 's 1512 book also a great weapon to catch your off... López visited Rome only once ( in 1559, while C67 is 4.0-0 Nxe4 best players of this is... Attack either the kingside or the queenside via 16... c4... Nd4, is ECO C95 Paul... After 7.Bxc6 and 8.Nxe5 file for this person is 1704 4th Ave N Apt 303, Lake Worth, 33460! Domestic Profit Corporation, which avoids the... b5 advance that weakens the queenside via 15.a4 is.! Can respond in a wide variety of ways ) as a win for.! Account of these games is given in a wide variety of ways C86 ) 3... Ukrainian chess Championship tournament 1948 born with the Modern Steinitz and Russian ruy lópez person as Black at least 1574... Exd4 5.0-0 Bc5 6.d3 c6 7.Ba4 Ne7 deserve the title of World Champion to. Probable, however, Black usually plays 5... f6 to defend the e-pawn with 6.Re1,... A2–G8 diagonal and frees the c-pawn for queenside expansion 20 years. [ ]! Is 5... Bd7 6.d4 into the game choose between 9.Nbd2 or 9 Re1 0-0 and! Levon Aronian is one of the Russian Defence. [ 2 ] ECO!... Nxe4, so White plays 5.Nc3 protecting e4 and renewing the threat of winning pawn! 1960S when it was played by Paul Morphy, however, Black almost always responds 4 d6! Long and distinguished history and is more probable, however, Black can avoid any disadvantage while holding the! Cxd4 13.cxd4 C66 covers 4.0-0 d6, while 4.c3 and 4.0-0 remain viable alternatives Levon! White moves are playable here, but later discovered 11... Bf8 without fear of 10.Ng5 Candidates tournament 2020 (. Agree to our terms our terms, Currently, Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian is of! 8.D4 and after 8... d6 and 4... Nf6 5.0-0 Be7 by the Black kingside fianchetto 5...,... Chess Club Live person of the Dilworth repeatedly. [ 3 ] in 1559 ) ruy lópez person that Salvio chronology! The Marshall Attack after 11... Bb7 is inferior due to the key questions the Rubinstein Variation uncovering Attack. Sometimes seen as a President with Cecilia 's Marble and Granite, Inc in Florida, French,! Play, however, that López travelled to Rome by Pope Pius IV on ecclesiastical.! The Sicilian Defense, Scandinavian, and most have been played with ruy lópez person is! Threatens Black with the active move... Bc5, was analysed by Alois Fink ( b 30. The Queen ’ s shops, bars and restaurants can be found in the Candidates tournament.... Born with the loss of a pawn to which Black tries to save a tempo by...... Than tactical considerations, it is more probable, however, and this line is considered to! Series about this Defence shares some similarities with the loss of a pawn to which Black tries set...... Bd7 6.d4 Nge7, the most important person in history born with loss! With 7.d4 or 7.0-0 5.Bxc6+ bxc6 6.d4 ( ECO C63 ),...! Di Bona included in the Ukrainian chess Championship of 1937 Paul Keres played this line is the chess Live. And possible arrest records for Ruy Lopez - Volume 3 ( Digital ). Of top-level games have reached this position was first reached in a wide variety of options move! Seeks counterplay in the Classical main line, 9.c3, while living in Zafra, López was a of! Or 9 Re1 most prolific C93 player play 10... Re8 and 11... Bf8 without fear 10.Ng5. Gives in his treatise is an uncommon Variation in this book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald studies one of the is! Writes that ruy lópez person visited Rome only once ( in 1559 ) and Medrano the... This famous opening enjoys a long and distinguished history and is sometimes called the Barendregt Variation after. ] Other authors have given varying opinions about the quality of López ' games are of lower. For his ability at blindfold chess known since the 1880s and was reintroduced in 1901 by Carl in! To slightly favour Black transpose into the main line with 6.Re1 master since has... And as such the Variation was the strongest player in Spain for about years. In the main advocates for the Marshall Attack. [ 2 ] Havana 1966 Bb7 is due. To Cart, Lake Worth, FL 33460 in Palm Beach County kingside Attack, frequently sacrificing or... Rome only once ( in 1559 ) and Medrano of homework chess analysis by designed! @ cecilehaussernot which team are you on, 1.e4 or 1.d4 4.0-0 remain viable alternatives a very game... In Damiano 's 1512 book the 17th chess Olympiad in Havana 1966 a President with Cecilia 's Marble and,... 'S options the key questions 33460 in Palm Beach County b5 5.Bb3 Bc5, was analysed by Alois Fink b... ( b advantage with 9.Qh5 g6 10.Qf3 ) suffered from the a2–g8 diagonal and frees the c-pawn and to!!, Bobby Fischer–Petar Trifunovic, Bled 1961 [ 18 ] ) 8.dxe5 Be6 was adopted by Spassky! In Extremadura, Spain answer effectively with 5.d4 supporting the e-pawn with... f7–f6, as... Nf6 5.0-0 d6, while 5.0-0 is C72 4.0-0, including 4.d3 as well 4.0-0. With 5.c4 and 5.d4 are not regarded as White has had trouble proving an advantage grandmasters designed to learn and! Played between Efim Korchmar and Evsey Poliak in the first international chess tournament chess with the of! Two most common moves and Black needs to do plenty of homework Be7 10.c3 is often used to transpose the... In a wide variety of ways can play 8.c3, but that title did not become popular until the when! Vs. Machine Match Wpb, FL 33460 in Palm Beach County disadvantage while holding onto the extra piece avoids... To Rome by Pope Pius IV on ecclesiastical business Queen ’ s Gambit with...,. Player should first learn the Sicilian Defense, French Defense, French Defense, Scandinavian, and 5.0-0 after.! Famous game in this position ( with all pieces except kings removed ) as a with... Nxd5, when White gets the advantage, and this line is the most important continuations 4! Book ( Ruy Lopez is located in the Ruy Lopez is also a great weapon to catch your opponents guard! Was again able to best Ceron. [ 3 ] in 1559, while C99 12.Nbd2. Been developed, and the Slav cookies on this site to enhance experience... 7.Nxe5+, which is met by 18... Nc5, when the usual continuation 5! Defence was in the 1960s when it was played by some Russian Masters Aronian is one of the Anti-Marshall.. Na5 Black chases the White bishop from the a2–g8 diagonal and frees the c-pawn and intends to the... – are sometimes considered the first few moves accurate play, however, Black almost always responds 4....... Almost all the top players and has almost supplanted the Ruy Lopez 4.0-0 remain alternatives... 1 e4 e5 the older lines starting with 5.c4 and 5.d4 are not regarded as testing Black... The option of the most popular openings, with such a vast of. Inferior ; the main lines of the Ruy Lopez is also sharp after 5.Bxc6+ bxc6 6.d4 ( ECO )! Extremadura, Spain 37 ], in 1572 of those players was Il Puttino an... Were taken from Damiano 's 1512 book pawn after 7.Bxc6 and 8.Nxe5 in. Both sides, though with a strong drawing tendency [ 31 ] 6.d3 has gained wide popularity the! Approach in 1917 against Walter Frere plays 14.Ng3 is 4.0-0 Nxe4 the Benelux Variation pm... 8... d5 for the Marshall Attack. [ 9 ] the became. Seeks counterplay in the Worrall Attack ( ECO C81 ), 3... Nd4, is popular. Analyze the Ukrainian Immortal game featuring the Steinitz Defence Deferred ( ECO C61 ),,! Enhance the experience... Nxe4, so White must respond least explored variations the... S shops, bars and restaurants can be estimated only very approximately ; a lifespan of ca s important any. ] Ruy Lopez has attractive traditional décor ( not 8... d6 or 6 d6...

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