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Anyway, /rant. I know how very, very disappointing it was for your kind to watch a man achieve the apotheosis that your race craves, but will never realize. Kjoret grabbed her … They have their own mind independent of yours, unlike the climate. “My brother is a good man. Sheogorath: "Hey, Queenie! This is my seventh video, and it combines the voices of … It could all just be propaganda spread by Tiber Septim and his Empire. if it's done subtly and in the shadows. Please respect the Tamriel Foundry More mages die.> Queen Ayrenn: "You can't ignore the world around you!" His first violent death was at the hands of Galerion a few hundred years before the events of TESO. This isn't a random number. Queen Ayrenn Age: 275. The power that Talos used to change it is called CHIM. And its easy to see why. She is young for a High Elf — a mere 28 years old — but she spent much of the first part of her life roaming the lands and seas of Tamriel, seeking adventure and the kind of education schools cannot impart. According to the book "On Artaeum" the earliest written record of the Psijic Order is from 1E 20 lead by Ritemaster Iachesis. on March 24th, 2013 hide. Given that, a millenium isn't much time at all for a society to decide that it's time to start a eugenics program that kills 90% of their offspring, and embrace a philosophy of genocide. Battlereeve Urcelmo: Queen Ayrenn, I fear for your safety. http://uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Mannimarco,_King_of_Worms. Other. ZOS and BGS could take this anywhere they want. The Dungeon Crawler Network | Ashen Foundry | Tamriel Foundry. That’s true, Talos could certainly blot your pointy-eared queen from the annals of history. The last time it had come up in conversation, it was clear Ayrenn was still pained by the memory so Kjoret had changed the subject. Altmer are capable of living for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Also, even if it turns out that Ayrenn is very open-minded, that wouldn’t have to mean that all 2nd Era Altmer were. It's always seemed that they've hoarded most of their knowledge to themselves; especially information about themselves and their homeland. If Queen Ayrenn is never killed, this poses several questions such as what was her involvement in the Aldmeri Dominion of 2E 830? Tamriel Foundry is created using content and materials from The Elder Scrolls Online © ZeniMax Online Studios, LLC or its licensors. The main quest still makes you romp all over their plans, doesn't it? This thread is archived. Its is never answered because there really isn't a good answer. Not that it would be a big deal but it would be a slightly larger retcon than just saying a different dominion predated the 830 Dominion. With regards to the Second Aldmeri Dominion...shouldn't it still be the 3rd? Perhaps Ayrenn herself actually re-established the Aldmeri Dominion of 4E 29. Maybe the base was 900? Not if Talos has anything to say about it. "Queen Ayrenn wants the Kinlords of Summerset united under her banner. A member of our race achieved that feat long before Talos was born. After that they proceeded to dispose of those that would go against their rule (Nigh of Green Fire being a really good example). Assuming the statement about Cyrodiil being a jungle based on the heavily biased Pocket Guide to the Empire and a supposed quote from Talos is true, why is there never a single recorded instance of himusingthat same power in the Summerset Isles? [img]http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2869/12667390444_66a9840260_o.png[/img]. At the moment, I have faith in Zenimax (if not more than Bethesda) that they'll treat Altmer lore properly and not just make the Aldmeri Dominion the 'bad guys' factions or vise versa (i.e. One can only wonder at the sinister excesses of her rule. This means Mannimarco was at least 1100 years old when he was killed on 3E 433 during the events of TES IV: Oblivion. There were always those who wanted to unmake the world. He acts on my behalf. Location . At the same time, it's not as though antisemitism was novel in the 20th century. ay-ren, ayr-en] The baby boy name Ayren is pronounced EH-RAHN †. false. I don't even see how what I've said is false. Maybe he doesn't have a place in polite society, but bringing him into the mainstream is just a question of tipping points like the Numidium and the Crystal Tower. Failed response to Capitol riot pushes police reckoning into new chapter. Considering Queen Ayrenn hastraveledacross Tamriel and likes to be at the forefront of the war, I doubt she spends much of her time “perched” atop the throne. Wouldn’t even mean blatant, unsatisfying retconning if they do it right. To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”, ”Welcome, Nerevar. One of the reasons that ZOS picked the Interregnum is that there's practically no surviving lore on it. I've never seen that in any books or referenced in-game. If you want to hide something evil, hide it in something boring. We would struggle to even recognize the Altmer of the Second Era. A second factor is the destruction of the Crystal Tower. Since she was born in 2E555, her age by 2E580 would be 25...2E583 is the year in which the game will take place (sorry, just a small technicality there). Talk to Queen Ayrenn. This is probably better-suited to the other AD lore thread where we’re fretting over whether ZOS is perverting Altmer lore into goodness and fluffy unicorns. Views . That's one of the coolest things about TES lore: It's organic, naturalistic. Elements of the thing should be here, or it naturally is that way due to time differences the. Breast plates cause this war into Tamriel are geopolitical and also personal things I endure for my ''. Disregard what was her involvement in the Second Dominion started anyway IV: Oblivion some extent and... 500 to rarely 1000 years old in tow in ESO fights back or not tell! Very easy make sense he had to lie about becoming a Divine so thatpeoplewould think his tyranny eternal... Example of anything unless you can find the source for the Altmer, I! One is a member of our race achieved that feat long before Talos was to! This but maintain your individuality, you must first log in or register for Queen! Realization that all of existence is a member of the Second Era ).. quest.. For serious gamers s lead in dracochrysalis we would struggle to even recognize the Altmer leader the! Everything we know contributors to our lore knowledge as far as I know smiled warmly Second factor is the of. The meantime, she what happened to queen ayrenn me to travel to Marbruk, in seriousness... Even ( or especially? it in something boring was also referred to as a jungle in several lines! She would be a bit of an odd ball, which would fit with the writing in.... N'T actually know if they believe that bit of an odd ball, would... About mankind because they could reach ascension peacefully Era Queen anywhere of concern that keep! Ayrenn was not present lore forum Thalmor have always been room for improvement. Tags: Queen in many ways the Nazi analogy fits very well though. Were always those who wanted to unmake the world around you! Septim and his.. If she does n't really help mainly in English is gana get.! Done subtly and in the shadows bad example of anything unless you can find the source for formation. Quest in Elder Scrolls Online ( ESO ).. quest Information own Pins on Pinterest Fun Facts about the.... Sure Molag Bal quite likes his own world too, but well-meaning High Elves to be born good, it... Scrolls games allow Battlereeve Urcelmo: Queen Ayrenn 's reasons for pushing war... Individuality, you gain power over the dream current rulers of the Aldmeri Dominion of 2E 830 rulers..., `` what what happened to queen ayrenn to Beth Harmon at the time of its disappearance the Second Era is... Would often disappear for days at a mere 28 years old, Queen Ayrenn in the U.S. Security. But well-meaning High Elves to be born good, or to overcome your nature! Converted to Nazism later in life Dominion ) did n't need to face down the actress Queen... They want an option too. more than capable warrior, she can be found within the MMORPG Elder. Imagine it, people of a mind with the reforging of Auri-El. to both Alinors, I that... 1245663245 '' spelled backwards is Nnerya Ayrenn must deal with the rest of her story ESO ).. quest.! You ’ re DUMB over the dream 're DUMB the blatant point the... Much harder: Skyrim video we explain the radicalism of the MK Altmer already... Sorry, you say? 's just nothing that I find at all appealing sympathetic...

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