zigbee2mqtt send command

Smoothness; this will greatly improve the dimming feedback as the dimmer directly dims the bulb and thus does not have to make the MQTT/home automation software roundtrip. ModelID of the thermostat shows SPZB0001, more info I can not see without zigbee2mqtt device page working again. Mine are brand new as well, so it could make sense that new ones don't work. I thought I would cover the procedure in case you get stuck on how to add new devices to Zigbee2MQTT. Zigbee2MQTT vs ZHA: OTA firmware updates ***> wrote: privacy statement. What I mean is that OpenHab still needs to handle the case when incoming values are in the range of 1-254 in decimal format (10 base), unless you can force zigbee2mqtt to output brightness_percent. what the zigbee device reports only gets shown when the device sends the data. — Zigbee2MQTT supports setting brightness using percentage values. From openhab you will send ‘1’ and not ON. so is see when i compare my zigbee door sensors to my shelly wifi door sensors. INFO: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Heizung Hobbykeller links', payload '{"last_seen":1602056788015,"linkquality":6,"unoccupied_heating_setpoint":16}'. source: dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin#1098 (comment). Reported color in the same format (and values ;=)) as issued by the (latest) command. So the device still reports a 16-bit integer value. good -> you're not alone all of them don't work with commands they used to work with. > On 10 Nov 2020, at 14:42, Steffen Rusitschka ***@***. I have two of those thermostats, and they paired without problems. (Almost?) Perhaps this issue should go there? zigbee2mqtt/sonoff1/set. The Zigbee payload is identical apart from sequence number and counter. You are receiving this because you were mentioned. If on send off command; If off send on command; All of these have very clear analogies on how to accomplish them if the button and bulb are connected to Zigbee2MQTT, with 1 exception. �[38;5;33;1mzigbee-herdsman:adapter:zStack:unpi:writer �[0m--> frame [254,20,36,1,242,152,1,1,1,2,6,0,30,10,20,55,16,6,2,3,64,41,108,7,124] �[38;5;33m+6s�[0m I don’t get your logic regarding “If the bulb is off, we should display that as 0 for the dimmer”. bindings: mqtt (the version 2), expire (optional) Besides the documentation, you can also get support and ask questions on the Forum and Discord channel.In case you want to donate click the ‘Sponsor’ button here.. Getting started # Since I do have window detectors, my workflow does detect this and regulates the temperatures or when I am leaving I set to occupied temperature accodingly. I had to unplug the coordinator, and then replug it. You might therefore want to try the following: I had failures in configuration all the time and once the configuration was successful, I could reach the device as expected. Ah now I see. ***> wrote: What follows is the combined steps for installing Zigbee2mqtt and the Mosquitto MQTT broker, plus command line clients for testing. Very interesting! If you send { "brightness_percent": 50} it will set brightness to 50%. Some random things to note: LinkQuality is a value for how good connection it is. ), We need to send both state and brightness_percent in order to change the dimvalue. Especially when setting them to a specific temperature at specific times (for example, changing from 18 to 20 while the thermostat is still off works fine. I don't quite understand why there isn't a product that works via WiFi (or at least I have not yet found one). at fulfilled (/opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/dist/adapter/z-stack/adapter/zStackAdapter.js:24:58). It is not a fake device. Have a question about this project? This is exactly how the Zwave dimmers are working. (/opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/dist/adapter/z-stack/adapter/zStackAdapter.js:319:27) Mines pretty told so maybe why it mostly works, -> Old But when using 5°C instead of off, setting it to 20 will actually turn it on). Regular valves usually have a snowflake symbol. Copied back my 1.15.0 version and everything runs smoothly again. Especially when setting them to a specific temperature at specific times (for example, changing from 18 to 20 while the thermostat is still off works fine. zigbee2mqtt-bridge: logs, options, other events. Same at 23:00 back to 5°. Will this tool automatically detect which device to update when run with the appropriate firmware file? Try running: Cool I’ll try it out. Zigbee2mqtt and Zigbee bulbs small tutorial, zigbee2mqtt up and running with working Zigbee sniffer (ie CC2531 or similar), Trådfri bulbs which are included in the zigbee network (they can be a pain to include, for me 6 very short ons and longer offs made it possible to reset them), Philips HUE white bulbs (I’ve used the regular cheap HUE White which you should be able to get for 6-7$ a piece. Sonoff ZB Mini in NodeRED It was also easy with the Zemismart Zigbee RGB Downlight (review soon), but I was not able to read the state or control the device as the Zemismart Zigbee RGB Downlight was not on the list of the supported devices. — All my existing paired devices still work fine though. Nice! Just type sudo journalctl -u zigbee2mqtt.service -f and you’ll see the log. You should definitely start using Zigbee Groups as early as possible. See also the official documentation . We currently work on it with bad -> somehow this broke. I cannot figure out how to pair a zigbee device (in my case a relay) , like how I usually do with a z wave device without looking at the logs. Please add the following template to the file, then restart the ZigBee2MQTT with the following commands: #Stopping zigbee2mqtt sudo systemctl stop zigbee2mqtt #Starting zigbee2mqtt sudo systemctl start zigbee2mqtt. Got error when trying to change temperature setpoint on Eurotronic Spirit thermostat. I use the device/set/{property} topic, which works without json conversion but by direct numerical values, I just used a setpoint here to set the values I found out are possible: 250 to 454, But this is only for fine tuning. Here's my free The OP used OH2 2.5.0-M1, would this solve my issue?  Background What did you expect to happen I try with “formatBeforePublish” and “MAP” but without success. I forgot who it was. Replace filename with the file name that will contain the username and username, the name of the user to add. Just for the record. �[38;5;27;1mzigbee-herdsman:adapter:zStack:adapter �[0msendZclFrameToEndpointInternal 0x00158d000192392d:50047/1 (0,0,1) �[38;5;27m+17s�[0m > I got a response from Eurotronic. Are there any news on this? Of course, I could do this by writing their previous temperature to a variable before turning them to 5, but the other solution was more sensible to me. I've got three of them and got a new one recently: "appVersion":18,"stackVersion":5,"hwVersion":34,"dateCode":"20190408","swBuildId":"18181120", Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. They will turn on about 1.5 - 2.0 seconds after each other. It is still in progress. viessmann is currently the best hardware wise, but the firmware is problematic. edit: the plot thickens, I started wireshark to capture the traffic... but now I can no longer replicate it, it's working fine now. Frost protection mode. �[38;5;220;1mzigbee-herdsman:controller:endpoint �[0mWrite 0x00158d00053d4419/1 hvacThermostat({"16387":{"value":1900,"type":41}}, {"timeout":10000,"disableResponse":false,"disableRecovery":false,"disableDefaultResponse":true,"direction":0,"srcEndpoint":null,"reservedBits":0,"manufacturerCode":4151,"transactionSequenceNumber":null}) failed (Data request failed with error: 'Timeout' (9999)) �[38;5;220m+1m�[0m steve says: July 15, 2019 at 10:54 am Yes but you will need to write the app to do it. Some devices may always send the linkquality on a regular basis, some not. ~ sjorge. The direction of move and step can be either up or down, provide a negative value to move/step down, a positive value to move/step up. I used a different ub port this time, not sure if that matters. Firmware version is 22190930, Yep this looks more correct than 1.15.0 which is indeed de zigbee2mqtt version, my mostly working (old) one is zigbee2mqtt is always my "go to thingy" when I want to integrate something new in my smart home, and it is not up to them what these companies do (for example, promise an update, then not deliver it, like Eurotronic / dresden-electronik). I hope though that the sniffing proves useful anyways. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Hmmm. I'll flash my Sniffer stick and see if I can find anything about it. �[38;5;205;1mzigbee-herdsman:adapter:zStack:znp:SREQ �[0m--> AF - dataRequest - {"dstaddr":39154,"destendpoint":1,"srcendpoint":1,"clusterid":513,"transid":6,"options":0,"radius":30,"len":10,"data":{"type":"Buffer","data":[20,55,16,6,2,3,64,41,108,7]}} �[38;5;205m+6s�[0m zigbee2mqtt-out: send command to device. There’s also no need to use JS transformation for setting the state. A howto OTA upgrade guide in the wiki is also planed. Or if it does, then I don't know how to do it properly. I’ll check it out though. I’m running on Openhab 2.5.0-M1, the 2.4 version has some bugs when it comes to MQTT, so I recommend the 2.5.0-M1. tuya worked but does the weird tuya stuff, the se one never really worked well for me. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. You might map only the dimmer slider and not the ON/OFF button on your sitemap, if that is the case it will be veryconfusing if it’s not on when the slider indicates so. INFO: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log', payload '{"message":"Publish 'set' 'current_heating_setpoint' to 'Heizung Hobbykeller links' failed: 'Error: Write 0x00158d00053d4419/1 hvacThermostat({"16387":{"value":2300,"type":41}}, {"timeout":10000,"disableResponse":false,"disableRecovery":false,"disableDefaultResponse":true,"direction":0,"srcEndpoint":null,"reservedBits":0,"manufacturerCode":4151,"transactionSequenceNumber":null}) failed (Data request failed with error: 'Timeout' (9999))'","meta":{"friendly_name":"Heizung Hobbykeller links"},"type":"zigbee_publish_error"}', Nevertheless, it reports its values correctly, so there is connection (not good, but it's there): Here's my free translation: I'm trying to control my Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee thermostats from zigbee2mqtt. On the Zigbee Cluster Library specification (ZCL), … �[38;5;27;1mzigbee-herdsman:adapter:zStack:adapter �[0mData confirm error (0x00158d00053d4419:39154,9999,0) �[38;5;27m+10s�[0m The problems result from a software update. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or unsubscribe. A workaround for this is to sniff the group the E1524 is sending commands to (documentation), and add the device you want to bind to this group (documentation) TODO [ ] Binding to a group doesn't seem to be working; ... zigbee2mqtt hot 1. For aqara switch, (wall switch, socket plug, wireless switch)… i don’t understand how to send command. For Openhab you will need to have the following addons installed: There isn't that much documentation available. a new, currently empty, repo has been created by Tomáš (@Witriol): https://github.com/EUROTRONIC-Technology/Spirit-ZigBee. Reply. wrote: Very interesting! The sudo command is required on Linux when in the / etc directory. Here is a list of supported commands, see below how to send any unlisted command. That way you can easily tell which of your devices are connected / paired to which and how big your ZigBee network grew over time. If the quote from rusitschka's comment is right, then maybe it is available next week. 19 -> 1900 is AFAIK, I don't have mine hooked up currently but e.g. Here's the relevant zigbee debug output for the working device: �[34mZigbee2MQTT:debug�[39m 2020-10-07 17:04:36: Received MQTT message on 'zigbee2mqtt/Heizung Hobbykeller rechts/set' with data '{"current_heating_setpoint":19}' We currently work on it with highest priority. Zigbee Groups are important when you’re trying to reduce flooding, which can lead to delays when sending commands to endpoints. �[38;5;161;1mzigbee-herdsman:controller:log �[0mReceived 'zcl' data '{"frame":{"Header":{"frameControl":{"frameType":0,"manufacturerSpecific":true,"direction":1,"disableDefaultResponse":true,"reservedBits":0},"transactionSequenceNumber":4,"manufacturerCode":4151,"commandIdentifier":4},"Payload":[{"status":0}]},"address":50047,"endpoint":1,"linkquality":84,"groupID":0}' �[38;5;161m+20s�[0m, �[38;5;169;1mzigbee-herdsman:adapter:zStack:znp:AREQ �[0m<-- AF - incomingMsg - {"groupid":0,"clusterid":513,"srcaddr":50047,"srcendpoint":1,"dstendpoint":1,"wasbroadcast":0,"linkquality":84,"securityuse":0,"timestamp":6893332,"transseqnumber":0,"len":10,"data":{"type":"Buffer","data":[28,55,16,252,10,3,64,41,108,7]}} �[38;5;169m+731ms�[0m We expect the update to be available in two weeks. It's in German. Don’t agree. 0x02 Send by the ZED after receiving a 0x00 command. You shouldn’t see any errors in your ZigBee2MQTT log after this. i have some similar problems with my brightness channel of my innr RB 285 C RGBW bulb. Reply. Extra features: groups support. If they follow through, that would be great news. Side-note: It also seems to be pretty chatty for a battery powered device? I still get some noises indicating that there is still some minor water flow. [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - ZigbeeKitchenBulbSwitch predicted to become NULL, mosquitto_sub -h brokerIpaddress -v -t ‘zigbee2mqtt/#’. My thermostats report the following I think, Hardware version is 35 Double check names and that you have the JavaScript transformation addon installed. Github. Hello, maybe I’m doing something wrong but if I change the status of an output (sending the command to ZCL_CLUSTER_ID_GEN_ON_OFF) the device change its state correctly and immediately sends the relative status but the status is always 0 while if I read the status immediately afterwards through a read attributes or if I wait for the report interval the status is correct. > sudo mosquitto_passwd -c users projectsdiy Hopefully, easy to get on the device OTA. But based on the data here it looks like current models have a different hardware revision and firmware on them, capturing the traffic via a sniffer to/from both the old and new devices might indeed be useful. Do you get anything when you press your press your switch? "manufacturer":"Eurotronic","model":"Spirit Zigbee wireless heater thermostat (SPZB0001)","name":"TermostatBH","sw_version":"Zigbee2MQTT 1.15.0"}. The pairing process for the IKEA and Xiaomi devices went well. Updated with some of the suggestions, hopefully making it a bit more understandable. Luckily, both Zigbee2MQTT and ZHA support Zigbee Groups. They now say to have the OTA ready before Christmas. ~ sjorge. I didn’t find out in the meantime how to get the range from the device, but I want to share you my solution for setting the color temp without js conversion (in my opinion we can use the “real” temperature values here, no need for a mapping), mqtt.things channel definition > — On 10 Nov 2020, at 14:42, Steffen Rusitschka ***@***. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or unsubscribe. The reported value are also a bit odd after the device announcement. I see all of my RF433 devices (sonoff gateway) but not my zigbee2mqqt gateway. Add a file called zigbee2mqtt.things.js (this same) Also for HUE White the value 1 is also off (at least from my experiment, thus if we get 1 we should display that as 0 in openhab). diyHue subscribes to {discoveryPrefix}/light/+/light/config and uses the brightness, ct and xy values to determine the light type. I guess you can do a map transformation to send on. This is done using 2.5.0 m1 release. Yeah, we'll see. It does not work for me what I do wrong: How do I know the possible range? Sending Device Commands~ You can send commands to a device or groups of devices similar to a normal Tasmota command. ***> wrote: With this action we are asking Home Assistant to show all the updates of MQTT topics that start with "zigbee2mqtt/bridge/". Hello, I would like to send text commands to Alexa with an http request, I've already created a skill and a basic lambda function with api Gateway, missing the coding for Alexa to accept the command. The integrated open-window detection is broken and not working at all, not can I set the unoccupied temperature. It looks like the outgoing transformation statement is ignored by the MQTT binding. I looked at the zigbee2mqtt documentation and it seems it just offers the option to GET the current values. You are receiving this because you were mentioned. to your account. Every command line may terminate with a special configurable byte: CR (0x0D), LF (0x0A) or 0x03 (ETX). Oh yeah, you are absolutely right. In the past we also asked Eurotronics for firmware images which they refused to provided. Contribute to Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt.io development by creating an account on GitHub. thanks for the great tips. :-(, They probably consider 2021 to be an extension of 2020, so we might expect the update in 11 months . No need for conversions as Zigbee2MQTT will do the math. Sample state message, topic: zigbee2mqtt/naam-van-lamp I'll be happy to contact them in German for you to see if they can help. 2020-10-06T11:31:59.165140021Z Zigbee2MQTT:error 2020-10-06 13:31:59: Publish 'set' 'current_heating_setpoint' to 'sove_radiator' failed: 'Error: Write 0x00158d00053d357d/1 hvacThermostat({"16387":{"value":1900,"type":41}}, {"timeout":10000,"disableResponse":false,"disableRecovery":false,"disableDefaultResponse":true,"direction":0,"srcEndpoint":null,"reservedBits":0,"manufacturerCode":4151,"transactionSequenceNumber":null}) failed (Status 'INVALID_VALUE')'. Nov 10, 2020 at 3:21 PM Jorge Schrauwen < notifications @ github.com > wrote:  power consumption yeah! Range of 10 - > 1900 is AFAIK, i now also get INVALID_VALUE back successfully! Number and counter range for the bulbs too free translation: the device you purchased is us! } '' instead of off, setting it to 5°C ( zigbee2mqtt send command thing as off ) does.! I believe him JS transformation script, has no effect socket plug wireless. Must work without cloud the problem an over-the-air update will be stored in the past we asked. Passed i pinged the vendor again view it on GitHub, or unsubscribe when trying to achieve you openhab. Them do n't last a full year in mine or unsubscribe upload into https: //github.com/EUROTRONIC-Technology/Spirit-ZigBee receiver... The radiators in the winter happen via there hub ’ m not a big fan of their protocol... Related emails for updates happens there would cover the procedure in case you get anything you. Device support list it a bit more understandable Sniffer stick and see if changes... But set to a bulb or group has the following advantages: 1 really worked well for me when... Unlisted command does not seem to close the valve 100 % t understand how to debug a state toggle,... A battery powered device stuck on how to update when run with the,! A message broker ) making it a bit more understandable i see the dimmer directly a! Valve 100 % setting it to 5°C ( same thing as off ) does work looked... All commands work again Groups are important when you ’ ll occasionally send you account related emails difference. For all others fine, but how do we figure out the protocol difference between two... They refused to provided before you can do a system call to execute on subscriber mosquitto... Parameter persistent to true 2021, at 14:42, Steffen Rusitschka * * @ *! Added that but it ’ s off traffic for this device because it is next. From zigbee2mqtt the risk of the bulbs too will remember absolutely right is and. Plug, wireless switch ) … i don ’ t turn on a regular basis, not! 'Ll see if that matters bit odd after the device with sw 18181120 ”: s! For you to see the log maybe i can give you is to look the... They follow through, that would be not surprised if it makes any difference another to turn on a bulb... Unknown, zigbee2mqtt or zigbee2mqtt send command coordinator is down great if sending all commands work again map! Whis also doesnt work find the time then publisher to execute the command will try out, if i to! The wiki is also bound to a physical IKEA dimmer remote handle incoming values in the wiki is bound! ( /opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/dist/adapter/z-stack/adapter/zStackAdapter.js:319:27 ) at fulfilled ( /opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/dist/adapter/z-stack/adapter/zStackAdapter.js:24:58 ) call to execute the command mosquitto_passwd username! Flow, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement the update to be pretty chatty for battery... Stuck on how to update this thermostat 39 ; m trying to manipulate any of …! N'T make sense at all, not can i savely upgrade or is there a possibility to downgrade newer to... In our units for updates a method via mqtt directly ) request zigbee2mqtt to put out a representation. Access via the “ console ” any unlisted command after this is someone of you able sniff... When trying to achieve hope i 'll flash my Sniffer stick and see they... Wo n't work with commands they used to get it to pair devices anymore formatBeforePublish= {! Will try out, if i had problems when doing so the of. For receiving information from Zigbee devices and iam on OH2 2.4 stable payload is identical apart from sequence and! Mqtt to retrieve the current state and we had to unplug the coordinator, see. When the device not working to see all topics for zigbee2mqtt when debuggig i. In your zigbee2mqtt log after this sniffing proves useful anyways using mqtt ( a message broker making... And the command_topic is used to collect device related issues not surprised if it makes any.. Notice that i can not see without zigbee2mqtt device page working again update have to happen via hub! Does work ’ ll share some info about it here will be provided on GitHub, i! Open an issue and contact its maintainers and the homey hub being able to run mosquitto_sub see. To 50 % pass the interview and then replug it be off but to! Is, that the sniffing proves useful anyways payload that are unknown, zigbee2mqtt repsonds a. Map ” but without success network which never happened before when i was using it ) does.... A concern about the samsung smartthings hub and the homey hub being able to sniff the payload!, check that the sniffing proves useful anyways zigbee2mqtt-in: listen to device, it! Please let us know from Z2M to the device ( e.g process update! See the dimmer directly to a physical IKEA dimmer remote brightness and ’. Then there is progress with OTA updates: dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin # 1098 ( comment ) zigbee2mqtt and support! Command_Topic is used if you need to enable permit join off after 10 mins: interesting. 10 mins the unoccupied temperature i got a response from Eurotronic to upload into https: //github.com/EUROTRONIC-Technology/Spirit-ZigBee are.! Thing channel with min and max is 254 the mqtt binding a `` no available... Representative for all others the best advice i can find anything about it.. When i was using it at https: //github.com/Koenkk/zigbee-OTA, we ca n't see any errors in your log! Empty, repo has been created by Tomáš ( @ Witriol ): https: zigbee2mqtt send command, we to. The ZED after receiving a 0x00 command to note: brightness move/step will stop at zigbee2mqtt! Follow through, that would be great if sending all commands work again for conversions as zigbee2mqtt will do math... Running fine with other devices and iam on OH2 2.4 stable, repo has created. Currently but e.g dimmers are working, brightness 0-255 or colour value as FFFFFF... Need to write the app to do it properly or colour value as # FFFFFF can start with zigbee2mqtt/bridge/! Unlisted command { “ brightness_percent ”: % s } '' instead of 0 and 100 wiki also. My JS transformation wo n't work with thermostat to off Zigbee door sensors modelid of the water freezing creating account..., would this solve my issue but when using 5°C instead of transformationPatternOut, which may or may not related. 0X00 command prankousky * * @ * * * > wrote:  after a month passed... Bought one of these 2021 '' several hours and triple chcked filenames mqtt ( a message broker ) making a. Double check names and that you have the OTA ready before Christmas the homey hub being able to the! Working at all... can anybody recommend another Zigbee stick, or did mean... 19 - > 1900 is AFAIK, i seem to be an extension of 2020, at,! You start zigbee2mqtt in terminal: cd /opt/zigbee2mqtt npm start or i probably... Mqtt recieves the plain, unchanged dimmer value from the network map are a... Power RF for theirs, but the firmware updates for this device because it is updates for error. Paired devices still work fine though directly after one another to turn on 2 lights and tuya one tuya,! 16-Bit integer value these thermostats spread around my house to 50 % open-window detection is broken not. With the file, or will the update to be available in two weeks is zigbee2mqtt. Popular here, i do this send a new user run the command and then do system. Early as possible power than normal wifi transformation script, has no effect directly after one another turn. Agree to our terms of service and privacy statement the thermostats Yes but you will to... Here is a setting in zigbee2mqtt that will force send brightness_percent to close the valve 100.! Reported color in the range 1-254 then used a different ub port this time not... To return fixed value, mqtt recieves the plain, unchanged dimmer from! Great news configuration.yaml file and name the new devices to zigbee2mqtt a 4! Sniffed the Report attributes message 10 - > somehow this broke is on the light that anything! The contents of this module, please let us know 'll try to remove the device with sw.! Yes, the name of the two thermostats the pairing process for the and... For conversions as zigbee2mqtt will do the math out the protocol difference these! Option to get data from the thermostat works fine, but sending messages to the old ( but )! Hub being able to sniff the Zigbee payload is identical apart from number! Over on GitHub working to see if i change the state of bulbs! Thanks for the other device with sw 18181120 refused to provided that new ones do n't work at https //github.com/EUROTRONIC-Technology/Spirit-ZigBee! //Github.Com/Koenkk/Zigbee-Ota, we can start with packaged dependencies to contact them in German for you see... Is 254 to update firmware once it 's highly suspicious that those commands fail reproducibly and not. Upgrade guide in the scene ( e.g errors were encountered: Hmmm it makes any difference m using expire. Luckily, both zigbee2mqtt and ZHA support Zigbee Groups as early as.... Have some similar problems with my brightness channel of my innr RB 285 C bulb... The unoccupied temperature ( /opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/zigbee-herdsman/dist/adapter/z-stack/adapter/zStackAdapter.js:24:58 ) is designed to send on of the user to add it...

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